Letter to Trump

Dear Donald Trump

I have many issues concerning your presidential ability. First of all, your views on women. Women today have the right to abortion and the right to choose over their own bodies. It is not your place to tell take these rights away. The fact that you call women pigs, dogs, disgusting animal, rate them based on their appearance and constantly comment on their looks, is appalling and absolutely disrespectful. How you can even say that you “have tremendous respect for women” is completely beyond comprehension. No one who wants America “to be great again” would blatently offend and disrespect the women of the country so openly and horribly.

Immigration is something you honestly know nothing about. You do realize America is literally built from immigrants? If you are not a Native American yourself, you should not be allowed in the country by your own logic. You yourself should be deported. Where the logic is in building a wall between the USA and Mexico is baffling. Wether it is physically possible is the least of the concerns about this issue. You have no right to kick people out of their home country, or people coming to your country for refuge.

How about gun control? The reason there are so many terrorist attacks and school shootings in America is largely if not mainly because of the ridiculously access to firearms. It should not be a right to be able to go out and buy a gun and fire it 5 minutes later. You cannot allow this to continue. What you want is to get rid of gun control, but gun control is exactly what America needs more of. Protect your children.

In summary, you offend, you degenerate, belittle, disgust, frighten children, and personally hurt so many people. And you do not care. You do not apologize. All you do is blame. What you need to do is take a look at anyone else who has helped people and learn from them. Obama, Malala Yousafzai, Ghandi and Hillary even. Stop blaming people at every turn. Why not help someone for a change? Why not do something for someone without any personal gain or profit, and without bragging about it and over exaggerating? I will bet you that you never could. You are not capable. You are not fit. Donald Trump is not qualified. You are a joke.

Make America great again and stay away from Trump.

Humans of Oslo


These two girls are visiting Norway. The girl on the left is from China, and the girl on the right is from Vietnam. They have become friends through their studies.

“One day when i was in school I recieved news that my Grandmother had passed away. I was really upset at that time, because she was really healthy the previous day, and then suddenly she became ill and passed away. It was a shock for the whole family and we were very sad.”

Topics for the year

Studying and working abroad

The reason that many young people choose to study and work abroad is mainly opportunity. A lot of people feel that their country doesn’t have enough opportunities for them. This goes hand in hand with experience. They want to experience different cultures, be exposed to different environments and work or study in places with gives them something their own country can’t give. So they leave their country for a shot at a better, or simply different, life.



Social media and most other forms of media are probably the biggest reason that English has been so widely spread across the world. They are powerful tools which most of us are affected by every day. Everything from small english words thrown into Facebook or Instagram posts like “love” or “hope”, and celebrities of course posting their pictures with the captions in English, to huge movements who even have hashtags in their names, like #Blacklivesmatter. We cannot escape it, most of us have certainly just accepted and embraced it. About everything on the Internet is in English, so if you are an active member of society, there is no way you can use social media and not be exposed to English.


Global issues

There is a certain part of the environment I have taken an interest in. That is the overproduction of meat. This is a huge problem in the Western part of the world. We produce way too much meat than can or should be consumed, while other parts of the world don’t get any of the benefits. Sadly, of those, there are not many. The enormous production of meat, especially beef, are catastrophical for the environment. Rather humorously, cows fart a lot. However, these farts are deadly for the Earth. The gas contains a frighteningly large amount of methane, which is poisonous. The amount in one cow’s farts is not enough to hurt the Earth, but with the alarming production amount of beef, the levels of methane is actually quite hurtful to our atmosphere. Therefore, a possible solution to helping the Earth would be to largely cut back on the overproduction of beef.

Breaking the ice

Today in class we did some trust excercises with the class to get to know each other better. We did some trust falls, walked around blindly while being led by a classmate, and other activities. Some of it was quite honestly uncomfortable, but I suppose that is all part of getting closer to each other as a class. It was also fun, and we did start to trust each other more and got more comfortable around each other. I talked to some people I probably otherwise wouldnt’ve, and saw new sides to them. I learned new names, and in general know my class better now. I expected more awkwardness, and although there was some, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I noticed that the other students were just as uncomfortable as I, so that kind of made it easier.

All in all, it was a new experience, I learned some new things about different people, it was informative and interesting, albeit a bit uncomfortable. At least we know each other a little better know.